Physical Education @ Home Actvities

  • Our expectations are for students to be active 90-120 minutes per week.  The Physical Education Staff at our Elementary Schools have provided activities that students/families can participate and have fun.  If students/families can just keep a weekly journal in which parents/guardians can sign off on, we will collect them once students return to school.  Our expectation is a written paragraph or students can draw pictures of the activities.

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CES & TP @ Home Actvities

JFK & RCK @ Home Actvities

    Obstacle Course
    Mini Obstacle Course
         Set up a mini obstacle course indoors or weather permitting outdoors (or both).  Families can be creative by using items found in or around the house such as pillows, boxes, toys and sports equipment.  Students/Families can use  basic locomotor skills such as hopping, skipping, crawling through a tunnel, jumping rope, and do some some of your favorite exercises.  Have the obstacle course adaptable to the different abilities of your family.  Have fun with this!  Take pictures and draw a diagram so we can share with other students at school.  We love hanging your pictures up in the gymnasium.
    Activity Stations
         Set up 5 different activity stations.  Use your imagination!  Could be a "Tic Tac Toe" game, an exercise station,  rolling a ball at objects, building with blocks or card board boxes.  Draw a picture of you doing your favorite activity and we can hang it in our gymnasium.   Again, this could be an indoor or outdoor activity.
         Keep a log of taking walks with your family.  Many students have fit bits.  Keep track of daily steps.  We can share our results when we get back to school.