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  • Update made 3/26/20:

    Hello all. Please note that my most current plans and materials are listed under the "Calendar" for each grade level.  Also, please explore Microsoft Teams ASAP.  It is free with our Office 365 school accounts.  It is a highly useful online classroom, which I will be using more frequently as we move forward this school year.  


    Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!

      This site is designed to help students and parents have knowledge of what's happening in my classes. You can view the monthly calendars for each class by clicking on the left menu. The calendar is a tentative schedule of activities and assignments for the month. This can help you to be aware of what we're doing in class. Within the calendar sections, if you scroll down, you'll see "Related Files" and "Related Links."  These links bring you to specific handouts and materials related to classroom activities and assignments. There are also some useful links and files below.


    If you're interested in getting reminders about assignments from me via text through "" please text 81010 with the appropriate codes:

    English 10H @346647

    English 10 @789chk

     Please note:

    If you are absent from school and you miss a quiz or major assignment, it will be brought to the testing center.  Please go take the quiz at your earliest convenience during a study hall or lunch.


    When typing any writing assignment, always double space, use a plain, 12 point font, and do not add space between paragraphs.

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