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    Images   to our classroom website! 

    This is all new to me, so please bare with me as I learn!  I would appreciate any suggestions along the way of the types of information you would like to see on our class page.  Feel free to send me a quick email with any ideas or suggestions at  Thank you in advance for your patience as I get our classroom website off the ground!

    My goal in making this website is for it to be a tool first and foremost, for your child, not only to have a successful learning experience this year on Team TITAN, but more importantly for future endeavors! 
    As your child's support  teacher, I hope this will be a bridge between school and home, to connect information!   There will be many exciting features for study strategies, learning tools and resources to help with daily homework assignments, so if your child is absent, for whatever reason, he or she can with a few clicks, be up-to-date with what happened in class on any given day! Also, be sure to encourage your child to check out the "fun links" to guide them to becoming active at studying and getting on the road to becoming life-long learners!
    I hope you find this website a useful tool for a successful school year!  
    Mrs. "Q."