“The Hospitality and Culinary Arts Career Academy is designed for seniors and juniors planning to pursue a career in the hospitality and culinary arts fields. Through a rigorous academic schedule, exposure to career professionals and experiences in foodservice operations, hotels, healthcare, restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Students are required to participate in internships and mentoring programs to fulfill the requirement as part of the  Prostart curriculum.  This experience will  prepared students to enter into a career and assist with many opportunities for future advancement."


    Students have the opportunity to participate in the Excelsior program at Suffolk County Community College (SCCC). The Excelsior program at SCCC is a concurrent enrollment program designed to provide college credit for those high school students enrolled in SCCC Excelsior Program courses at our high school campus(EI High School), during their normal schedule hours.


    Suffolk County Community College Excelsior Program:

    Culinary 1 Course = 4 college credits

    Sanitation Course = 3 college credits


    ServSafe Manager Certification upon completion of the course and passing the ServSafe Exam.


    ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is nationally recognized, required to operate or manage a food establishment

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