Testing Center - Mrs. Chidichimo

  • Welcome to the High School Testing Center

    The testing center was established in order to provide students with a positive and supportive testing environment that supports every students needs.


    *There are two student computers 

    *A full library of English, Math, Social Studies and Science books

    *Graphing Calculators/Scientific Calculators



    *Reference Tables 


    *Lined Paper/Graph Paper




    Types of tests in the Testing Center

    -Absent on Test Day

    -Extra/extended time needed to complete a quiz/exam

    -Tests read

    -Tests scribed

    -Ability to type vs. write

    -Quiet environment


    Where is the Testing Center? The Testing Center is located in room 203

    Who may utilize the Testing Center? All students

    What are the Testing Center hours? 7:10 AM-1:47 PM 

    What are the Rules? *Once you begin a quiz/test, you must finish it. (unless your teacher made other arrangements).

                                      *All students have one period to complete a quiz/exam.

                                      *No student may miss classroom time to take an exam (unless your teacher writes a note)

                                      *No cell phones are allowed at any time. (they must be put away)

                                      *No notes...unless arrangements were made in writing from your teacher.

                                      *Cheating is a Choice not a Mistake.....if any student makes the choice to cheat; 

                                        A Code of Conduct Report will be filed with the Assistant Principal. 

                                      *Please feel free to contact Mchidich@eischools.org if you have any questions or concerns.