Contingency Lesson Plans Days 11-20

Contingency Lesson Plans Days 1-10

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    Ms. Smith  ~ ELA 7 and Social Studies 7



    I look forward to an exciting, productive and successful year!


    - Please be prepared for class with any necessary materials required

    - Please check agendas for daily homework assignments

    -  ALL missed work is expected to be made up due to absences

    - Tests missed on the day of an absence are to be made up the day student returns.


    - Any missed homework is expected to be made up

    - Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions about assignments:

     224-2175 or


    - Extra Help Every Tuesday & Wednesday 2:35-3:05 Room 137

    or if requested by the student for a different day


    - I will be available one or two days prior to a Social Studies Test for extra help to answer any questions the students may have about the material. I will let the students know which day that extra help will occur.