Contingency Lesson Plans Days 11-20 (also see below - go to Teams for these assignments)

Contingency Lesson Plans Days 1-10 (also see below - email these assignments to me)

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  • Update 4/20/2020:
    The 4th quarter starts today.
    Look for new assignments posted in Teams on 4/21/2020.
    All work should be submitted there.
    Do not use email anymore to hand in work.
    You may email me to ask for help. Thanks.



    Here is a recap as of 4/10/2020. The instructions below are for Tech 7 and Tech 8 for Mrs. Avella's classes.

    Days 1 - 10 of schooling at home (March 17 - March 30, 2020)
    For Tech, let's call these assignments Days 1 - 5.
    Hand in this work by email:

    Since these assignments are most likely handwritten, you may take photos of them and send these images to me by email. If you typed up your answers in Word, send me those files by email (see address above). You could also copy/paste the answers in an email. I don't need the questions written down, just the numbered answers to each assignment. If you can't figure this out, don't stress over it - just send me an email anyway ASAP. We can figure something out.


    Days 11 - 20 of schooling at home (March 31 - April 17, 2020)
    For Tech, let's call these assignments Days 6 - 10.
    NOTE: April 7-10 are reflection/journal/catch-up days.
    Hand in this work through Teams.

    Students can log into Teams from our school website to access these assignments.  Look for your Technolpogy class in Teams. Students can read the assignments in our Teams class, complete the work using Word Online, then go back to the assignment page and hand it in by clicking the Turn in button. It looks like this and is located at the top right of the screen in "assignments":  

    turn in





    East Islip Middle School - Technology Education Department

    My email address:



    What is Technology? 

    It is using knowledge and resources to solve problems,
    satisfy needs and enhance our capabilities.








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