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  • October 2017

    It is difficult to believe we have completed five weeks of the school year.  The routine is well established and most students are attending their weekly lessons.  Please remember, if you are absent on the day of a lesson, see your lesson teacher upon your return to school to schedule a make-up lesson.  You will receive full credit for your lesson as soon as you attend extra help.

    There will be an interest meeting for those students considering applying for Tri-M Music Honor Society membership.  The meeting will take place Wednesday morning on October 18th.  We will meet in the orchestra room at 7:20 am.

    September 2017

    Welcome back.  We are excited to begin another school year with our wonderful students.  We have had a great start to the school year and are happy to tell you all instrument assignment have been made and all groups are eagerly playing each day.

    Group lessons begin on Monday, September 25th.  We will go over the lesson schedule in class and at your child's first lesson.  Please be certain your child is prepared with all the lesson materials.  All supplies were listed on the course outline distributed on the first day of school.

    We are looking forward to a productive year!

    March 2017

    As spring approaches we think of concerts and NYSSMA!  This also means increased time practicing!  All students are in the process of testing concert music excerpts, preparing NYSSMA solos and final exams, and participating in SCMEA festivals.
    NYSSMA registration information has been made available  in the classroom.  The deadline for registration is March 24th.  This will allow us to complete the extensive on line registration process for each student.  If your child will be participating, please remind them to bring home all the information.
    February 2017
    It is difficult to believe we have entered the second half of the school year.  After a month long sight reading unit, all of the ensembles have started working on their spring concert program.  Practice copies have been distributed and should be in every binder.
     Our lesson groups have also started work on a solo which can be performed at the NYSSMA festival this spring.  This solo will also be performed as a final exam for students choosing not to participate in NYSSMA.  As always, students must purchase an original copy of the music they will be performing.  Please order music now, as some editions may be difficult to secure at the last minute.
    As always, home practice is essential for growth and improvement.  Your child should be practicing at home between three and four times per week.  

    November 7,2016
    The end of the 1st marking period is this Thursday, November 10th.  Please check the portal to be sure all required work has been turned in or made up prior to the end of the day on November 10th.
    Beginning November 14th all students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will have a comprehensive assessment on their concert music.  All material has been thoroughly reviewed in class and at lessons, however individual preparation is still necessary. Be certain to check the testing schedule outside the classroom for your specific testing time.  This test will be weighted twice as an assessment in the 2nd marking period, so be certain you are preparing carefully.
    Please use the next few weeks to be sure your concert uniform is ready to go!  Simply refer to the course outline for specifics.
    There is an interest meeting for all current Tri-M Members this Wednesday, 11/9.  Students interested in applying must attend this informational meeting.

    October 26,2016

    The end of the 1st marking period is quickly approaching.  Students should be in a well established routine by this time of attending their weekly lesson and practicing their assignments at home at least four days per week.  Remember, if you do not hear music at home, your child is not completing their home work.

    With concerts quickly approaching, it is important to be reviewing all material covered in class.  Concert Music tests will take place early in the 2nd marking period.  This important assessment will count as two test grades for the marking period.

    A reminder to secure the concert uniform as well.  It is detailed in the course outline which is available on this site.

    Current Tri-M members received a permission slip for our trip to NYC to see Aladdin!

    September 15, 2016

    Welcome to another school year.  As planned, we are off to a great start.  All students have been assigned instruments and/or lockers and we have been playing each day during all ensembles. Students have received a copy of the course outline.  Please be sure you review with your child so both of you are aware of the expectations of the orchestra class.

    We are in the process of assigning lesson groups and will begin our weekly lesson program on Monday, September 19th.  Each student has or will receive a personal schedule listing each lesson  for the first marking period.  Please be sure all supplies are obtained and are in school by Monday, 9/19.

    Scroll to the bottom of this page to see attached documents.

    We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 22nd at the  Meet the Teacher event.


















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