Contingency Lesson Plans Days 11-20

Mr. Stapleton's Home Page

  • All students should have checked their school email by now.  The latest email will give information as to where you can find future assignments.  


    Please let me know how long each assignment is taking you to complete.  The idea is to keep all students  up to date in regard to subject matter without overburdening you with unnecessary work.  I'm working on coming up with a better way of communicating with each of you.  If anyone has any ideas as to the platform best suited for keeping in contact, please let me know.  Be well!


    The codes below will allow you to access my Google Classroom pages wherein you can find handouts, assignments, presentations, links, and/or messages that will help in staying current with subject matter.  

    Period 2- sbk24bn


    Period 5- zvfbxh7


    Periods 6 and 7- Microsoft Teams


    Period 9- 3ovqpxr