Ms. Nelson's Gallery Page

  • Welcome to my website!

    Hello, I'm Ms. Nelson and welcome to a New School Year. I'm so happy to be back at East Islip High School. And as most of you know, this year has brought several change for me as I look forward to working with students in Studio In Art and Electronic Illustration I & II.

    This year I will be teaching:

                       * Electronic Illustration I & II, periods 1, 2, & 3, in room 110, and

                       * Studio In Art, periods 7 & 8, in room 104.

    This year I plan to have extra help sessions for students on Tuesdays & Wednesday, directly following school from 2:00 until 2:30 both days, in addition to daily individually pre-arranged sessions with students; depending on our schedules with respect to students' scheduled study halls, lunch periods and my available periods. As always, one of my professional goals is to make students' experiences in the Visual Arts produce the most positive and productive outcomes.

    As promised, I've updated a few things on my website. So come on in and take a look around. And please come back often to stay up to date over the school year as I add access to: student resources, class notes, vocabulary lists, lesson samples and slide shows of students' work to help parents/ guardians and students keep up to date with students' requirements and responsibilities, for upcoming and current assignments.  

    In addition, I would like to continue to promote correspondence with parents/guardians regarding students' progress, so that we can work together in this digital age to promote students' successful outcomes in class. So here is a link to my email address: