• Please log into Office 365 with your school username [same as you would getting on to computer at school with @eischools.org after] and password

    Usually: Username is: firstname.lastname@eischools.org   example: jane.doe@eischools.org
    Password is: firstnameInitial+lastnameinitial+StudentID    example: jd123456

    Email help@eischools.org if you can't get in

    (use a laptop or desktop- it will be easier!)

    Click on Microsoft Teams to complete assignments.Teams logo

      Look for this logo after you log into Office 365


    I will be answering question in chat and posting videos in Teams.

    Email me at plester@eischools.org with any questions!  I am here to help.

    You can also print copies if necessary:

    weeks 1-2 

    weeks 3-4

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Learn how to complete and turn in your assignments online through Microsoft Teams!

Contingency Lesson Plans Days 11-20

  • global 2

  • CJ

  • Mock Trial Team


  • Sociology

Extra Help is on Thursdays after school or by appointment