• Article Analysis due May 7

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  • Homework:

    4/18 No Homework, Enjoy the vacation

    4/18 Science: Clean out folder, organize notebook, and begin to study for Final Exam

    4/17 Math: Clean out folder

    4/17 Science: Unit test tomorrow

    4/15 Math: Ratios L5 Part I

    Quiz Wednesday Ratio/Ratio Relationship, Equivalent Ratios, Word Problems

    4/15 Science:

    4/12 Math: Ratio 7-1 SG &I 

    Quiz Wednesday Ratio/Ratio Relationships, Equivalent Ratios, Word Problems 

    4/12 Science: Behavior of Light Review

    Unit Test Thursday

    4/11 Math: Ratio Lesson 3

    Quiz Wednesday, 4/17

    4/11 Science: Update and Study flashcards

    Unit Test Thursday, 4/18

    4/10 Math: Ratio Relationships

    Quiz tomorrow: solving algebraically with fractions

    4/5 Math:  Solve algebraically with fractions

    4/4 Math: Clean out math folder and homework folder

    4/4 Science: No homework

    4/3 Math: Review due tomorrow. Click here for answer key to check your accuracy.

    Test tomorrow estimate all operations with fractions, solve and label. 

    4/3 Science: Sounds Homework Activity

    4/2  Math: No homework due to State Testing

    4/1 Math: Review due Thursday

    3/29 Math: Test on all operations with Fractions Thursday, 4/4

    3/29 Science: Study flashcards on Waves

    3/26 Math: SG & I 6-4

    3/26 Science: Review sheet for Wednesday's quiz

    3/22 Math Complete classwork multiplying fractions and mixed numbers

    Quiz on Tuesday

    3/22 Science: Continue building flashcards for Waves and study. 

    Quiz on Wednesday

    3/20 Math: Estimate, +/- Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Test Tuesday 3/26

    3/20 Science: How does sound move through air?

    Quiz Wednesday 3/27

    3/19 Math: Estimate, +/- Mixed Numbers

    3/19 Science Clean out folders

    3/14 Math: Complete double sided +/- Fractions A worksheet from classwork, 

    In workspace compelted SG & I.  Reduce to simplest form.

    3/14 Study for Tuesday's Unit Test on Chemistry

    3/13 Math: improper to mixed fractions

    3/13 science: Complete crossword, Periodic Table Quiz tomorrow

    3/12 Math: 1/2 sheet and study for Quiz tomorrow Estimate Fractions/Mixed #s

    3/12 Science: Periodic Table Quiz Thursday

    3/7 Math: Estimate Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Quiz Friday: Compare/Order and LCM

    Quiz Wednesday: Estimating Fractions

    3/6 Math: 1/2 Sheet Compare/Order Rational Numbers  Must show work in Workspace notebook 1-10

    3/5 Math: Compare/Order Rational Numbers odd only

    Quiz Friday

    3/4: Math: Complete classwork, determine the LCM for the set of numbers

    3/4 Science: Read "Atoms and the Particles they contain" highlight, annotate and ans. 1 & 2. 

    3/1 Math: Clean out math folder.  It should be empty.  Replenish supplies: sharp pencils, paper....

    3/1 Science: Study your Flashcards for a quiz on Periodic Table

    2/27 Math: Complete Classwork converting fraction, dec, %; Test Friday

    2/27 Science: Update and Study flashcards, test Monday

    2/26 Math: 1/2 sheet table converting fraction, dec, %

    2/26 Science: edHelper "Atomic Structure" 

    2/25 Math: complete classwork, Review for Friday's test

    2/15: Math: Skill Sheet #21 due 3/1

    2/15 Science: Article Analysis due Monday 2/25

    2/14 Math: 1/2 Sheet Fractions/Percentages

    2/13 Math: Quiz Thursday, simplifying fractions, 

    Complete SG & I 5-4

    2/13 Science Quiz Thursday: Parts of an atom

    Math:  Use Double Line Diagram to find percentages of a fraction

    Science: Begin new set of flash cards for Chemistry Part II, Quiz on parts of an atom, Thursday, 2/14


    Mathematics: No homework, enjoy the Play!  Next Test, Thursday, 2/14, Simplify Fractions

    Science: No HW

    2/7 Mathematics: 1/2 sheet Fractions to Decimals

    2/7 Science: Empty folder

    2/4 Mathematics: Bring in earbuds for iReady assessment.

    Complete 1/2 Sheet on Simplifying Fractions

    2/4 Science: Vocab Quiz Thursday

    1/31 Math: Practice both creating equivalent expressions by factoring/GCF

    1/31 Science: Study for Thursday's Science vocab test

    Test Thursday

    1/29 Math: Flip side of last night's homework

    1/29 Science: Study terms on matter

    1/28 Math: Practice examples 1-10 Factoring Expressions.

    Test tomorrow similar to the review packet we went over today.

    Quiz on equivalent expressions using GCF/Distributive Property on  Friday, 2/1.

    1/28 Science:  Add new terms to your flashcards for matter, quiz Thursday on Vocab! 

    1/25 Math: Complete classwork (equivalent expressions using Distributive Property)  Review packet due Monday/test Tuesday

    1/25 Sciecne: Complete the class work, skipping13-16 :)

    1/24 Math:  SG & I Properties of Mult and Addition

    Review Packet due Monday, Test Tuesday

    1/24 Science: Expand/ Contract double sided worksheet

    1/23 Review packet due Monday.  Test on GCF/Equivalent Expressions on Tuesday.

    1/23 Science: No homework

    1/22 Math: Midterm tomorrow!  Test on GCF Tuesday, 1/29/19

    1/22 Science: No homework!

    1/17 Math & Science: No Homework!  Enjoy the three day weekend :)

    1/16 Math: Period 1 GCF2 in workspace notebook

    Period 3 complete classwork

    1/16 Science: Study Chemistry notes and prep for midterm

    1/15 Greatest Common Factor Period 1 complete 1-10

    Period 3 Complete 1/2 sheet GCF w/variables

    1/15 Science Study

    1/14 Math: GCF1 in your Workspace Notebook Use each of the three methods you learned in class one time.  Then use whichever method you prefer for the last three problems.

    Quiz GCF Thursday

    1/14 Science: study

    1/11 Math: No homework, next quiz will be Thursday 1/17, on Greatest Common Factor

    1/10 Math: Writing and Expanding Mult Exp

    1/10 Science: Surface Tension gives needles a lift.

    1/9 Math: Writing and Expanding Multiplication Expressions 1/2 sheet

    1/9 Science:

    1/8 Math:  Prime Factorization

    1/8 Science: edHelper "Three States of Matter"

    1/7 Math: Prime Factorization

    1/7 Science:  edHelper, "Matter is...."

    1/4 Math: Rules of Divisibility double sided activity.  Quiz Monday Prime/Composite #s, Rules of Divisibility

    1/4 Science:  Study notes on matter

    1/3 Math: Rules of Divisibility finish the rule for the top half, then apply it to each of the numbers below checking if it is true

    Quiz on Monday: Prime composite, Rules of Divisibiltiy

    1/3 Science:  Complete classwork, study notes.

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