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  • The information on this website is to be used in addition to, not in place of, information given in class.  All homework assignments, test dates, projects, etc. will be announced in class and may or may not appear on this site.
    How to use my site
    To find extra notes or practice problems go to the tab on the right with your class name (ie. Algebra 1 or Math 8R) then click on the topic that we are learning in class at the time.  If answers to homework or review assignments are posted, they will be on "Calendar of Posted Answers".
    Extra Help
    Available every morning at 7:15am EXCEPT Thursdays.  If you ever have difficulty with homework it is best to come to extra help the next morning.  You want to clear up any misconceptions you have before the next lesson in class.
    What you can expect from me
    My intention is to provide you with experiences and challenges that you will not only use in math but also in life.  You can expect me to remind you to be your best.  
    What I expect from you
    1. Treat others and yourself with respect.  
    2. Always strive to do your best.
    3. Never give up.  Ask questions until you understand.
    4. Have a positive attitude.
    5. Attend extra help when necessary.
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    Contact Information
    Name:  Christina Danz


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